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  • YBS Aquaculture Technology Ltd

    YBS Aquaculture Technology Ltd has served over many countries worldwide. We operates world-wide in supplying Fish Farming System for:

    • Fresh Water Species
    • Brackish Water Species
    • Salt Water Species

    YBS is good at in the design, manufacture and distribution of equipment, technology and engineered solutions for the aquaculture industry. YBS offers the full range from turn-key fish farming systems to fish farming equipment & components.

    YBS team of engineers and architects can tailor projects to specific requirement and provide supports for the client from start to finish on all technical and biological aspects.

    Key areas that Aqua Solutions focus on:

    • Professional, authorized dealer to secure on-site service
    • Meeting all customers' requirements
    • Optimized and cost effective production systems
    • Installation, Maintenance, Management
    • Full RAS system design, including bioplanning

    Our Mission:
    To be the preferred supplier of fish farming systems to the aquaculture industry by meeting each customer's individual requirements.

    New Product

    YBS new type Drum Filter

    YBS new type drum filter YBS-DF series,with lower power consumption,higher air float and better perfermance more...

    YBS new type UV Sterilizers

    YBS new type UV Sterilizers YBS-ZW series,with better germicidal efficacy more...

    Product Show


    YBS's LSS(Life Support System/RAS)


    YBS Raw Water Treatment System

    YBS's Raw Water Treatment System


    YBS Drum Filter

    High perfermance


    YBS UV

    High sterilization perfermance


    YBS Ozone Machine

    High sterilization perfermance


    Need to Contact YBS?

    Dear all customers,if you have any problems during the use,please feel free to contact YBS team for support.will arrange professional technician to contact you,to help to slove your problems, contact phone 0086189 2930 2321 & email support@ybsfish.com!

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